What length session should I book?

Private sessions are booked by the hour, but together we can work out how long is needed & agree times accordingly. Group sessions & workshops usually last 90 minutes.

Are the consultations in person?

No, our team is based between Amsterdam & London, so we do all our sessions on Zoom. For larger projects such as photo book edits or exhibition curation, we can work in person, but that would likely be with just one of us.

Are consultations confidential?

Yes. Our consultations are a safe space for our clients & are 100% confidential. Nothing from our sessions will be discussed beyond the three of us.

How often should I have a consultation?

There is no should, TBH. After our first session we’ll have a good idea of what your aims & ambitions are, and how much time you need in-between for independent work or reflection. Some people find it best to book sessions at regular intervals to keep up momentum & motivation, others prefer a bit of time to work on things in-between. It’s totally up to you.

What should I do to prepare for a consultation? 👀

We offer a free 10 minute call when you book your first session, so we can work out a rough plan. We might ask you to have a think about a few things ahead of the first session, so we can hit the ground running. Sometimes we’ll ask you to send over a folder of images, your bio or a few projects so we can have a look before we start working together. But we’ll always give you plenty of notice.

If I can’t afford a session, what else can I do?

You can register to join our WhatsApp group,  Darklight Pro — Darklight’s community space for professional photographers to share experience and ideas, get peer-to-peer advice and support, plus industry insights. Click the 🔗 for more info.

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